A Window Opened

One of three factors that contributed to this moment.

I was recently honored to have my story entitled “A Life Changer” chosen as part of the launch for a new non-profit wing of the hugely popular parenting blog, Scary Mommy.

In the days that followed that first post at Scary Mommy,

a window opened …

a friend sent me an article …

and my child wrote her name on her closet wall.

As a result of these three factors, I hopped on the treadmill  (also known as my “writing desk”) and wrote a story. Upon completion, I sent it to several people for feedback. This is what I received:

My ‘editor’ (my husband) whose typical feedback is: “That was good,” promptly emailed back saying, “I LOVE this post!!!” And then he forwarded it to a colleague that he knew would love it, too.

My cyber-friend, Kristin, who I have yet to meet in person, happily reported she no longer sees me as ‘saintly,’ delighted in ‘hearing’ me swear in print, and decided we MUST hang out soon.

My mom said she laughed and cried all the way through the post. (That’s nothing new for her.)

But most importantly, they all said, “This could be your best post yet.”

Some things just happen at the right time. For a reason.

This is just me, Rachel; there is no halo. And this is my story …

Saturday #286


How To Grasp What Really Matters

Grasping what really matters is where my heart lies.

As I prepared to debut my blog a little over a year ago, I knew it was critical to come up with a powerful tagline. For months, I’d wake up in the middle of the night scrambling for a piece of paper on which to scribble what I thought was the perfect motto for Hands Free Mama. It quickly became a daily occurrence to wake up to a barely legible phrase that, once again, wasn’t “the one.”

But one momentous day, the following seven words came to fruition on the treadmill tray in front of me as I ran: “Letting go … to grasp what really matters.” That was it! That was the essence of living “Hands Free. “ When it comes to distraction and what really matters, you can’t have one without letting go of the other.

You see, when I was living my highly distracted life, my hands were full – overloaded with electronic devices, excessive commitments, endless tasks, and a constant flow of superficial “stuff.” Yet, my life felt EMPTY. In my unsuccessful attempts to perfectly “do it all,” I completely lost touch with what really mattered in life. I lost sight of my purpose and became immune to life’s simple joys. There was no longer time to laugh, play, and make beautiful memories. I was missing more than life – and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was nearly tragic.

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