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A New Ebook To Help You Create A Positive Home
Maintaining a sense of calm in challenging situations took years of work and painful introspection which I catalogue in my first book, Hands Free Mama. But for this purpose, I’m going to start small. I want to help someone right now with one actionable step. This small-step approach to change is the premise of my latest book, Only Love Today, as well as the essence of my new online course, Soul Shift. 

When taken to heart, the stories and strategies I share in this eBook have the potential to soften your voice, change your perspective, and repair broken bonds. The strategies in this book can lead to a happier home where people can breathe and thrive.  

The tools shared in this book can improve any relationship, not just the parent/child relationship. The tools in this book provide what I believe is most vital to creating a positive home – and that is hope, hope in who you already are and hope for who you can become. 


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