Join Me For A Free Live Q&A on Tuesday!
On Tuesday, January 15th at 8:30 pm EST I will be hosting a FREE Live Q & A call, where I will talk about Soul Shift with some of the past members! Enter your information below to join this call!
What is the Soul Shift Course?
When we allow our innermost truths to come to the surface, barriers crumble, the past loses its oppressive grip, and we are finally free to live authentically and love fully. This is the essence of SOUL SHIFT, an 8-week journey that will help you uncover and respond to your deepest truths and inspire positive change and profound transformation.

It is NEVER TOO LATE to live the life you want to live or be the person or parent you want to be. Your most painful truths can be a catalyst for change. The tools, accountability, and support you will receive throughout this 8-week journey will facilitate one of life’s hardest, but greatest opportunities: figuring out how to make positive, lasting change in your life and relationships, for good.

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