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Everyone I know is feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders right now.

One friend actually said, “Rachel, it feels like I've got a two-ton backpack permanently strapped to my shoulders.”

I wanted to take that heavy load from her – tell her I’d carry it awhile. But alas, that is not possible. So, I decided to do what I know helps ease my own pain and creates momentum when I am trudging through the muck and mud of life carrying extra worries myself: I look for the glimmers of goodness along the path – and I don’t go it alone.

If you’ve read my newly released book, SOUL SHIFT: The Weary Human’s Guide to Getting Unstuck & Reclaiming Your Path to Joy, then you know it’s set up like a botanical garden exploration. Yes, there are weeds, unmarked paths, pesky insects, downpours and droughts, but there are also stepping stones, starting points, peaceful spots, and quiet reflections. There are also Assurances for Your Pocket – and sometimes an assurance from a trusted companion offers the direction we need.

Since the book’s release, I’ve heard from countless readers who are experiencing a positive impact from tucking away those assurances like promises to themselves which they pull out when needed. These assurances are small, but practical motivations which can help create momentum toward taking the next step during trying times, or whenever it's difficult but necessary to keep moving forward.

I have been so moved by the feedback about these simple but powerful assurances that I wanted to offer them to you - so you're not going it alone.

No matter how desolate or difficult your path is right now, there is at least one pocket promise on this free download that will help you find a glimmer of goodness along your route.

I hope you'll take these promises and use them to lighten the load you carry.

My hand in yours,
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