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About Starting Point
As a former special education teacher, I always view the start of school as a Second New Year. A fresh slate. A reboot. A time to begin again. Given the challenging circumstances of the 2020-2021 school year, a new beginning sounds quite appealing right now. 

Yet, at this very moment, the circumstances in our world are deeply unsettling and uncertain. As a result, you might feel scared, exhausted, sad, angry, and confused. And when these feelings are present, it can feel difficult to move.

This is where my short guide, STARTING POINT, comes in.

As a former teacher of students with severe behavioral issues, I learned that big, sweeping changes don’t create the stability, inner peace, and transformation we seek. Healing momentum comes from one small step after another, bolstered with compassion, connection, and courage.

Never have I leaned on this concept more than during the global pandemic. I am committed to continuing my efforts to make small, loving responses a way of life.

Now, I invite you to join me.

As many of us begin a new school year rife with uncertainty, I extend my hand ... and a starting point. When taken to heart, the stories, writing prompts, and daily intentions found in this little book have the potential to help you get going, in the direction of peace and possibility.

This next chapter can be one of great hope for you. It's one we can write together.

If you're ready, simply click the button below, place your name and email in the pop up box and submit. I'll send you my book STARTING POINT at no charge.

With great love and high hopes,
Rachel Macy Stafford
New York Times bestselling author

Rachel Macy Stafford
Rachel Macy Stafford is the New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama, Hands Free Life, Only Love Today, and Live Love Now. Rachel is a skilled writer, trained teacher, and natural encourager. Her honest stories and personal strategies are universal invitations to embrace life with urgency, and to love, dream, connect, create, forgive, and flourish despite the distractions of our culture. Rachel’s blog ( offers inspiration and practical guidance to millions. Rachel lives in the South with her family and two rescue cats. 
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