Place Your Hands On What Matters

A special thank you to the family pictured here who I called a day after I witnessed this extraordinary moment and was willing to recapture it with their camera for today's message.

My eight-year-old daughter recently performed in her holiday piano recital.

Normally I get teary-eyed watching my children in any type of performance, whether they are singing at the top of their lungs atop a rock at the park or whether they are in a packed auditorium with sheet music and a microphone.

But my child’s musical rendition isn’t what brought me to tears on this cold day in late December. It was a gesture so small and so inconspicuous that it could have easily been missed.

But because I am on a journey to grasp what matters, I am constantly searching for divine signs of inspiration along the way.

This was one such sign …

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Thanks To The Guy Who Put Down The Phone

Even if you're not a dad, this is a message you can't afford to ignore.

After spending the morning with my daughter on a Christmas tree farm exactly one year ago, I came home and wrote, “Dear Distracted Dad.” It has since become one of my most widely read and shared blog posts.

But here’s the thing …

I’m not sure I would even notice “Distracted Dad” if I were to see him at a Christmas tree farm today.

Because as I have grown in my journey to “let go” of distraction, my focus has shifted.

Now instead of noticing the people with their eyes and ears Superglued to their electronic devices, I tune into the “Hands Free“people around me, particularly the dads.

I am greatly inspired by the men I notice in public settings who are making the choice to be fully present in the company of their children and significant others.

Furthermore, I am profoundly moved when a man takes the time to express appreciation for the messages I write, like this sentiment from Chris following the emotionally-charged post, “Now Is The Time:”
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