Hands Free Kids: Less Device, More Real Life

hands free kids #Handsfreemama

I want my children to spend less time on digital devices.

I want them to see beyond the electronic screen.

I want them know what life feels like in their hands, not through a keyboard.

I want all these things for my children living in a digital age, but there is more …

I want these things to occur not because I took away the device … not because I forced them to go outside … and not because I put restrictions on tech use.

I want my children to seek real life moments and real life connections because they want it for themselves, not because I said so.

Not long ago, I would have thought this notion was ridiculous, unrealistic, and downright impossible. Setting boundaries and physically removing the devices were the only way to control my children’s tech use at one point in time. And although these measures are still needed from time to time, I am seeing hope for a future Hands Free generation.

But I had to let go.

Yes, me. I had to let go.

This Hands Free journey I am on continues to challenge me and stretch me in ways that are not always comfortable or convenient. But further letting go has resulted in a hope for the future that I couldn’t fathom before.

The best way to explain how my letting go has allowed for my children’s letting go is through images and words. What you are about to see may make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Please know that I am right there with you. But as always on this Hands Free journey, it is necessary to look beyond the mess and mayhem to see what really matters.

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