Changing the Way the Story Ends

Changing the Way the Story Ends

*name has been changed to protect privacy

For ten years I thought of him every day, but yet I never thought to look him up.  The only former students of mine that I happened to hear from were the ones that had looked me up.

Then all of a sudden, it was important to how Kyle* “turned out.” Reader’s Digest was going to publish our story and the editors wanted to know what Kyle was doing now. It had been ten years since I last saw Kyle, and I had moved several times since then. I told the editors I was sorry, but I did not know where or what Kyle was doing now.

Then just before the article went to print, I was asked Kyle’s actual name. Over the last decade, I thought of him only by his first name – which happens to be very unique. But for verification purposes, the editors at Reader’s Digest needed to know his real name.

I typed his first name in the reply email, and then embarrassingly, I drew a blank. After several minutes of racking my brain, I realized his last name would more likely come to me if I stopped thinking about it. I set the email inquiry aside and went back to a piece I was writing.

Minutes later, like a neon sign suddenly switched ON, Kyle’s last name vividly displayed in my mind.

But before I responded to the editor, I knew there was something I must do.

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